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Who Am I?

My name is Rita Suh, CEO of Remih Skincare, Spa and Training Institute.

I wouldn’t say I am an expert in Skincare, Spa and Training but the over 500 clients of African origin I have helped go from struggling to have the healthy glowing skin tone of their dreams to getting truly safe skincare products that gives them real, recognisable results that they deserve, would no doubt disagree.

It’s just one of the benefits of helping so many people beat irritations or after effect on the skin from harsh chemicals after they have spent countless hours, days, weeks, months and even in some years looking for a solution.

But this wasn’t always me. Before I threw myself into the world of Skincare, Spa and Training, I was once a victim of skin bleaching and it took a tonne of tears, self education and skincare research for 5 years (Bachelor of Science & Education degree from the University of Buea and a Diploma in Organic Skincare from the Formula Botanica School) to get to where I am today.

So, that is why they call me expert…and I’m incredibly proud of it, and of them.

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The Remih Promise

Myremih Skincare offers a range of high-value natural skin care products, that meet the skincare needs of both dark and fair skin. Our products are suitable for both men and women with some selected products suitable for children.

Natural Products.

Our products are 100% natural with no side effects

Quality Guaranteed.

We offer quality products at reasonable prices. 

Quick Delivery.

We offer fast delivery on all product orders.

Customer Satisfaction.

Our customers enjoy quality products and services.


How long will I use the product before I start seeing results!

Usually we advise you use our products with patience and consistency. Skins differ and results may come in different times. Use for at least 2 months depending on the gravity of the situation you are treating.

How many bottles of the product will I use before I get results? If I complete the first bottle, will I need to buy another one?

Yes you need to keep using if you want to maintain a great skin or get a replacement that is as rich and healthy as your routine. If you are consistent and do your business well, prosperity will come and if you neglect it, things will fall apart. Same goes to your skin.

Can I use the glow secret or glow oil with a different body lotion or I must use it only with Remih products?

Yes you can.

What is the difference between the turmeric scrub and the coffee scrub?

Both scrubs will slot of dead skin from the surface of your skin while leaving your skin smooth and clear however, Turmeric skin has brightening properties with the presence of licorice and turmeric extract in it while coffee scrub is great for polishing up the skin, working against stretch marks and cellulite.

Must I use the papaya soap and goat milk soap together? What is the difference between the two soaps?

No. You can choose to use just one However, reports have proven that 99% of the people who use both have a richer and a brighten skin than just one.

Goat milk soap is rich in lactic acid and natural brightening extracts to enhance your skin tone, uniformise your skin and leave your skin clear while papaya soap is rich in humectants, natural brightening properties and mild exfoliating properties. A blend of both soap is a must for every Glow queen.

Can I use the turmeric herbal face mask on my body?

Yes you can.

Can my child use the strawberry milk and glow oil?

No please both products are for adults and must not be used on your baby’s sensitive and delicate skin. We have a kit for baby that will give your baby a healthy and illuminated skin.

What is the difference between glow oil and glow secret?

They are both oil blends with the purpose to give the skin a richer texture, While glow secret is meant to

Uniformize, moisturise and give a healthy glow, glow oil has more brightening properties.

I want to have a uniform glowing skin. Between the strawberry milk and the glow secret, which one works better?

You will need both as strawberry will hydrate while glow secret seal in the moisture. Reports have proven that those who use both have a very rich skin tone.

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